At the Redwood Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Research, we look beyond diagnoses, and strive to understand the unique profile of each patient. Our work is guided by data that we collect collaboratively with our patients, by what we learn from published research, and by the research we conduct at our Center.



Polina Eidelman, Ph.D.

license number PSY25550


I work collaboratively with my patients to apply evidence-based cognitive behavior therapy principles in an individualized way that fits the goals and values of each unique person. This means the treatment is based on a model describing how each patient's problems might be related to each other and the common factors research suggests could be driving those problems. Read more.

Janie Hong, Ph.D.

license number PSY22758


I provide cognitive behavior therapy that is tailored to meet the specific and often unique needs of my patients. I work closely with each patient to carefully assess the problems and develop a clear, individualized model that details the way the problems relate to one another and the interventions I recommend. My approach is warm, flexible and collaborative. The therapy is structured and goal-oriented. I ensure high quality care by drawing on the latest in CBT research and by closely monitoring each patient’s response to the interventions. Read more.

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Our Outcomes

We are dedicated to providing evidence-based care. This means that we pay attention to the research literature, and that we systematically monitor the treatment progress of our patients. Research shows that clinicians who receive regular feedback about how a patient is doing will have better therapy outcomes. Read more.


Our Research

We aim to stay up-to-date on research relevant to our patients and trainees, to bring a scientific approach to our work with our patients, to conduct research, and to contribute to the scientific psychological literature. Read more.

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We are located in Oakland, CA, and our offices are easily accessible by public transit.

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