How We Work

Janie Hong and Polina Eidelman

At the Redwood Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Research, we provide cognitive behavior therapy that is individualized, evidence-based, and compassionate. We do this by attending to the following principles in our work:

  • See each patient as unique and aim to wholly understand each patient - his/her symptoms, context, needs, values, goals, and cultural background.
  • Commit to an active partnership with our patients to identify their needs, direct their care, and ensure a successful therapy experience.
  • Monitor patient progress and actively ask for feedback to improve the therapy
  • Work with each patient to develop a shared understanding of how the problems that are bringing them in might be inter-connected with each other and identify beliefs or patterns of behavior that may be driving many of the different problems. 
  • Stay aware of and conduct our own the research to learn about effective strategies for improving therapy outcomes